Best ASUS ZenBook 3 Sleeve Cases

Are you looking for a sleeve case for your ASUS Zenbook 3? Here we have an ultimate list of the BEST ASUS ZenBook 3 sleeve cases you can buy in 2017 to protect your laptop for long lasting use.

Best ASUS ZenBook 3 Sleeve Cases

The Asus ZenBook 3 is a beautiful 12.5-inch ultrabook that has the lightest and thinnest design with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. It weighed at only 11.9mm, 11.9mm thickness, and all-metal cases. To protect your beloved ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390UA from serious drops, scratches, and any damages, you might need help with a sleeve case.

A sleeve case provides full around protection to your laptop. It is easy to take alone or put it into a bag or luggage. If you are looking for a perfect sleeve case for your laptop, you can find one here. We have compiled a list of the top rated and best ASUS ZenBook 3 sleeve cases available in term of best protection and fashion here:

1 Evecase Premium Neoprene Sleeve Case

EveCase Diamond Foam Splash & Shock Resistant Neoprene

This Evecase premium neoprene sleeve case features a diamond style padding which is great for protection. It can protect your device against dust, drops, shock, scratches, and other damages. Moreover, there is a single zipper that is strong and glides smoothly makes you easy to access your device at any time.

This sleeve available in multiple sizes ranged from 11.6 inches up until 17.3 inches. For Asus ZenBook 3, you can pick the smallest one as it has enough space for your device. In addition, this sleeve also available in four colors including blue, purple, black and pink.

2 Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

There is only a single port available on the ASUS ZenBook 3. If you are a student or a business person, you might need a sleeve case with additional rooms for storing your power adapter, USB-C adapters, and your documents.

This Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case has two compartments, the main compartment, and the front elastic compartment. The front compartment, there are multiple pen holders, small and, large pockets, you can store your accessories securely.

This sleeve case also features an ultra-thick, yet lightweight cushioning to protect your laptop against scratches, bumps, dents and spills. It also has a tensile PU Leather handle that you can carry with ease.

3 ProCase Sleeve Case with Handbag

ProCase Sleeve Case with Handbag

The next one is a carrying sleeve case from ProCase that is fit well with your ASUS ZenBook 3. This sleeve is slim, lightweight and portable can provide full around protection for your laptop. The exterior of the sleeve is made from eco-friendly materials can avoid dust, dirt, and scratches.

This sleeve also has a large front pocket which is large enough for keeping your pens, phones, chargers and other accessories. Since this case comes with hand strap, you can easily carry it alone. In additional, there are four color options including black, dark gray, light gray, and teal.

4 ASUS Zenbook CaseCrown Sleeve

ASUS Zenbook CaseCrown Sleeve

The next one is a sleeve from CaseCrown that fit perfectly with your ASUS ZenBook 3. It features a slim, lightweight, and envelope style with a magnetic closure easy to access your device.

This hideaway sleeve case has 3 main slots. The main slot can be used to store your laptop as it a larger room. While other two slots, you can store your documents, tablets and laptop’s accessories.

5 AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

Finally, if you looking for a simple design with an affordable price sleeve case, the laptop sleeve from AmazonBasics will be a perfect choice. The AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve has enough room to fit very well with your ASUS ZenBook 3. It basically can protect your laptop from scratches, bumps, and other damages.

With its slim design allows you to carry it by itself or to tuck the case inside a briefcase, bag, or luggage. Moreover, it also available in five colors including black, blue, gray, navy and purple.


Those are the top sleeve cases that can provide the best protection with a stylish design for your ASUS ZenBook 3. If you want a light-weight and a stylish design, you would probably choose a case from EveCase, AmazonBasics, and CaseCrown. To whom that likely to keep all important accessories along with you everywhere, you should consider sleeve cases with a handbag from Tomtoc or ProCase as it has additional pockets.

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